Following one season, Amazon Prime Video LG has just dropped Paper Girls

Following one season, Amazon Prime Video LG has just dropped Paper Girls ...

Paper Girls, a show that made comparisons to Netflix''s runaway smash hit Stranger Things, will not be renewed for a second season, according to Deadline (opens in a new tab).

The news comes just over a month after all ten episodes were released on Amazon Prime on July 29, which is usually the make-or-break window for new shows. The site states that the show failed to tap into Neilsens weekly streaming rankings in that time. It believes that if a series fails to get enough attention in its first month, it never will.

In a space in which so much new content is coming every month, Sleeper hits are more of a rarity, and Paper Girls was subjected to intense competition from She-Hulk, The Sandman, and the Game of Thrones'' House of the Dragon all arriving in August. In fact, on Amazon Prime alone, Paper Girls was quickly overshadowed by the arrival of LOTR: The Rings of Power, which arrived 34 days later.

According to Deadlines sources, Legendary TV will be tasked with expanding the series to other networks, which presumably did not do enough to increase the show on Amazon, but will instead emphasize its ability to showcase three-dimensional female leads.

Fans of Brian K. Vaughans'' work have been in this boat before. Y: The Last Man, a comedy about Brian K. Vaughans, was canceled after a single season on Hulu back in 2021. In that case, there were no takers for a second season, and the show ended without the resolution that they wanted.

Paper Girls is in comic book and television form, based on the same belief: on Halloween 1988, four young girls were killed in a 30-year conflict between ancient gods.

Amazon''s ten-episode run ended with a very clear cliffhanger, thus another network will be along to pick it up from where it left off. If not, there''s more evidence that getting invested in a new streaming show is a recipe for displeasure.