The iPhone 14 Pro images from T-Mobile show a common flaw in the comparison of the different pill + hole punch designs

The iPhone 14 Pro images from T-Mobile show a common flaw in the comparison of the different pill +  ...

We all anticipated a new version of the iPhone 14 Pro with two physically separated cuts. One of those was believed to be a hole-punch, while the other would be pill-shaped. As we all know by now, Apple had a surprise: a new Dynamic Island cutout for the iPhone 14 Pro.

The iPhone 14 Pro, however, is showing off the iPhone 14, which was previously unclear.

The iPhone 14 Pro uses what Apple calls the Dynamic Island. The display panel itself still uses two separate cutouts, but you wouldnt know because Apple has taken the center of the screen and made it completely interactive. The display panel itself still has those two separate cuts, but Apple has used software to make it essentially a dynamic status bar for your iPhone.

The Dynamic Island appears to be living in an alternate reality, according to Sam Kohl on Twitter. The carriers listing the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max in space black and silver does not show the Dynamic Notch. Instead, they show the fully separated cutouts, similar to those suggested.

This is actually quite interesting. Outside of the missing Dynamic Island, the photographs appear to be official renders straight from Apple using the iPhone 14 Pro wallpaper.

T-Mobile appears to have been following the iPhone 14 Pro rumors and had some placeholder images. After the iPhone 14 Pro was officially announced, it slapped on the official Apple wallpaper, and forgot to fix the rest of the render for two devices colors.

Note that Apple does not acknowledge the fact that the pill and hole punch cutouts are effectively separated. All of the companies'' marketing images show the two connected via the Dynamic Island.

T-Mobile hasn''t yet corrected these images, but was guessing it will not last long until they realized it. What do you think of this alternative reality imagined by T-Mobile? Let us know in the comments.

T-Mobiles iPhone 14 render is up.

Sam Kohl (@iupdate) September 9, 2022