Captain America and Black Panther are staring in the new unnamed game

Captain America and Black Panther are staring in the new unnamed game ...

Skydance New Media''s new Marvel game includes four different superheroes in a World War II storyline. Captain America and Black Panther, along with the soldier Gabriel Jones and Nanali, were shown in a teaser trailer. Although the game does have a title, it has a tagline: Four Heroes. Two Worlds. One War.

In this game, players may play the role of a young Steve Rodgers as Captain America. Azzuri, the grandfather of TChallas, takes up the mantle of Black Panther during the World War II era. Gabriel Jones is a soldier and member of the Howling Commandos, a combat unit led by Rodgers. Nanali is a spy and leader of the Wakandan Spy Network.

The reveal trailer reveals a lot of information about the game. A document with the Hydra symbol can be seen, making sure the group will certainly be antagonists in the game. The Red Skull symbol can be seen in the background in one of the last shots showing the four heroes.

Captain America''s shield is shown with claw marks, indicating that he and Black Panther will have a certain encounter. Thats especially when Captain America and Gabriel are staring down Black Panther, who is eager to pounce.

There were no other details about the game, including its actual name, which platforms it might be on, or any sort of release window. While it is unlikely to be a fully single-player game, having a four-character ensemble might also bolster co-op functionality, similar to those of the Gotham Knights.